Livestream Doodles

From time to time, I will post up that I'm streaming drawings.  Mostly it's sketches, like the below images.  Sometimes it's actual commission work.  I have some things in my queue, but tonight was about blowing off steam and loosening up.  ENJOY! 

Here's a bunch of sketches that were the result of tonight's efforts in livestream.  I was in BronyCon purge mode.  I wanted to draw something besides a pony.  I have a lot of other stuff in my queue, but tonight was about getting loose.  I'm glad I did it.   

Busy Bee

I'm working on art and stuff for BronyCon, and while I'm doing that, I need to do some stuff for me to sell.  

Here is the first of the prints I will have available. 

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner...

Anyways, here's the color designs of 6 of the characters from Firefly.

Mal: Cutie Mark: Kanji "Serenity"
Inara: Cutie Mark: at least you can't see it coz ... LOL
Wash: Cutie Mark: Dinos +Palm Tree
Kaylee: Cutie Mark: Strawberries
Zoe: Cutie Mark: Independent Patch
Jayne: Cutie Mark: Vera + <3

The background was inspired by something I found on google.  I changed the colors/wording of the MLP logo to make it work for this :3

This will be a print available for purchase at BronyCon in various sizes!


Lots of work to do

I have a ton of work to do on this. I am glad to have my own space on the web, but getting used to the interface is a bit tricky. I hope to have this neatened up soon.


Here I am, giving this a try.  This post is just to see what it would look like.