Stinks that I have neglected my site so hard. I will be making concerted efforts to post more here. To that end, here is a drawing I finished last night displaying my love for the ever awesome Ghostbusters! Cougari is on the trail of the gruesome little spud, or is that the other way around?


Livestream Doodles

From time to time, I will post up that I'm streaming drawings.  Mostly it's sketches, like the below images.  Sometimes it's actual commission work.  I have some things in my queue, but tonight was about blowing off steam and loosening up.  ENJOY! 

Here's a bunch of sketches that were the result of tonight's efforts in livestream.  I was in BronyCon purge mode.  I wanted to draw something besides a pony.  I have a lot of other stuff in my queue, but tonight was about getting loose.  I'm glad I did it.   

Busy Bee

I'm working on art and stuff for BronyCon, and while I'm doing that, I need to do some stuff for me to sell.  

Here is the first of the prints I will have available. 

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner...

Anyways, here's the color designs of 6 of the characters from Firefly.

Mal: Cutie Mark: Kanji "Serenity"
Inara: Cutie Mark: at least you can't see it coz ... LOL
Wash: Cutie Mark: Dinos +Palm Tree
Kaylee: Cutie Mark: Strawberries
Zoe: Cutie Mark: Independent Patch
Jayne: Cutie Mark: Vera + <3

The background was inspired by something I found on google.  I changed the colors/wording of the MLP logo to make it work for this :3

This will be a print available for purchase at BronyCon in various sizes!


Lots of work to do

I have a ton of work to do on this. I am glad to have my own space on the web, but getting used to the interface is a bit tricky. I hope to have this neatened up soon.