2017 Charity Commissions OPEN 11/1

It seems lately that the only time I open for commissions anymore is to raise money for charity.  Well it is that time again!!  I will once again be raising money for the Maryland Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge to support my cousin, Adam Hays.  His annual fundraising goal is $10,000.  I like to help him by doing the very best I can to raise a bit in his honor.  Last year all of you helped me earn $3,100 for the cause, and I would like to attempt to do that again this year.  Over the past 7+ years in support of this great cause, I have raised nearly $17,000.00!

 From Adam's Polar Bear Plunge Page: 

This Janary, once again for the 12th year in a row, I will take on the frigid waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Super Plunge for 7,549 of my fellow athletes of Special Olympics Maryland! Last year, I rose $10,500 for Special Olympics Maryland and I want to beat that! Your donation will not only force me to plunge 24 times in 24 hours into the 34 degree Chesapeake Bay, but will also allow SOMD to continue to offer sports competition and training to athletes around the state at no cost. 

For years, I have never let any challenge step in my way, plunging in freezing, cold water will not be one of them! Through Special Olympics Maryland, I have been given many opportunities showing I am no different in what I can or love to do just like all my fellow athletes through Maryland. Help create a world where opportunity is not limited by disability and make a donation today! 

For more information on Special Olympics Maryland and other ways to support, please visit

To learn more about the Polar Bear Plunge go here:

This year’s fundraiser will go as many in the previous years have.  I will be accepting commissions of various kinds.  Instead of drawing sketch after sketch feverishly like a crazy person (doing upwards of 400+), I am going to try something a little different.  Unlike in previous years, my commissions will not be capped at solely $5 sketch commissions.  That’s right!  This year you can get any sort of commission you’d like!  If you want just inks, I can do that.  If you want just a sketch, I can do that.  There will be a few levels, as outlined below, but I think this will offer more options for those of us trying to spend wisely.  Last year I reached my goal in 3 weeks so if you have interest better get it in soon! 



Flat Rate Prices and What You Get:


$5 – Loose sketch (sample: )

$10 – Tied-Down Drawing (sample: )

$20 – Inks (sample: )

$45 – Full Color (sample: )

*all commissions are digital unless otherwise specified. Real Media can be arranged, you'll have to provide additional funds for shipping

$100 - Custom Comic Cover (sample:

            I have the following MLP blank covers and I have a lot of others in the event anyone is interested, feel free to ask me:

·                     1- Issue 11

·                     4 each of issues 1-10 of micro series

·                     2-Issue 35

·                     1-Issue 25

Backgrounds and more elaborate pieces can be arranged, just ask.  Prices may vary depending on what you want.


I will broadcast progress through commissions via Picarto (Except Comic Covers and real media commissions or gifts if specified) each night until they are done.  I will post up right before I go live, but will probably be around 8:30PM Eastern Time (USA).  I will likely send emails of final files in groups a couple of days after the piece is complete!


I draw cartoons (Mostly animals but have begun branching out to chibi people and cute things)  If you like cartoons like Chipmunks, Pastel Horses (MLP),  Care Bears, Furries, fuzzies and cuddly stuff, nerd stuff, cross-over things, and anything cute I am a one stop shop for arts.  I only draw clean work.  Please don't ask me to draw gore, porn or fetish stuff or anything weird...I will decline it. 

If you’re unsure as to what I can handle, take a look at my gallery   

I will be accepting these commissions until 12/31 or until I beat my goal, whichever comes first.  Last year I beat the goal in 3 weeks, so you may want to get your order in sooner rather than later. 

Here is what I will need you to do.  First, you will need to write me an email to nanookcommissions (at) gmail (dot) com.  Your email should contain the following information:  SUBJECT SHOULD BE 2018 POLAR BEAR PLUNGE COMMISSION

    1.      Your Name/Handle and your paypal address (This will help me match up funds to emails.  I had a hard time with this in previous years.) Make sure I can identify you and your payment.  These will fill up fast, and I don't want to miss anyone, especially if I owe something.

    2.      What types of commissions are you interested in?  Be specific. Number them, make it easy for me. :)

    3.      References and details regarding your requests.  This is the most important part.  Make sure I know what I am drawing.  I have to move quickly through these and will likely work in batches.  I don't want to miss someone or spend a crazy amount of time trying to figure out what you want, nor do I want to have to do something again because I didn't understand.

4.  Come to my stream channel: and watch the art come to life! 

Then, I will need you to Paypal the funds in full to my Paypal address nanook1234 (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please make sure you note your Name/Handle or Email in the Paypal note so that I can match it up with your request.  I know last year I had the worst time with this.  It will take me about 30 to 45 days to get through all of them, but it is so worth it! :)


If you don’t want a commission and would simply like to donate to the cause, I thank you and I know Adam will too.  Please spread the word and help me out! I appreciate shares and comments! 


TOS:  Commissions will be done in batches.  Please do not come on the stream begging to be moved up.  I do reserve the right to refuse any commission and refund the donation if the subject matter is anything I do not agree with. You can do what you want with the commissions as long as you post credit up and don’t sell them for money.